As a keynote speaker, consultant, facilitator and/or instructor for conventions, symposiums, lectures, seminars, classrooms, workshops, breakout sessions, training programs and other support services we provide interactive, educatioinal and motivational presentations designed for your specific needs.


Keynote Speaker

To win over your workforce you need a keynote speaker that captivates your audience.  From the first minute to the last, Bill Saunders delivers rock-solid messaging that inspires, motivates and energizes.


They say the best teacher is experience. Well, with 20+ years of military service, time served as City Manager of Macon, GA and a laundry list of satisfied students an organizations its safe to say Bill has the knowledge to back up his dynamic presentation style.

Consultation Services

Everyone faces challenges. But no matter what roadblocks you or your company face, we have proven time and time again that our flexibilty, dependability and creativity will produce real solutions to steer you back on course.

Choose From Our Discussion Modules:

 Our modules are jam-packed to guarantee students learn self-confidence, the benefits of Building Relationships, prioritizing effectively, “closing the deal” and more!

Description : 1-4 hours (adjusted, if required) interactive seminar-style discussion: Motivational, Provocative. Designed to encourage proactive thinking-compliments/supports existing programs.

  • Module 1: Understanding Your Career Goal-Is it a True Fit?
  • Module 2: Understanding Your Qualifications-What do Pre-Requisites Really Mean?
  • Module 3: Understanding the Art of Study–Breaking it Down into Pieces!
  • Module 4: Understanding & Navigating the Roadblocks to Achieving your Career Goals
  • Module 5: Understanding Relationships-Why does it Matter? Who Should They Be?
  • Module 6: Understanding Ethics: Which road should you take?
  • Module 7: Understanding Awareness-What does it really mean? Action or No Action?
  • Module 8: Understanding the Internet-Don’t be left Behind–Taking advantage of this Technology
  • Module 9: Understanding the Art of Closure-Finishing What You Start-Cradle to Grave!